> Family Vacation Ideas: July 2008

Cooperstown New York Dreams Park

Cooperstown New York is now in the heat of little league baseball season with the weekly tournaments being held at he Dreams Park. I hope that all you that have planned or are planning a vacation in Cooperstown while you watch your kids play baseball have taken the time to reserve your room, lake cottage, condo , or apartment well in advance. If you haven't yet made arrangements for your vacation in Cooperstown you'll most likely have to find a hotel or rental house in the towns surrounding the Dreams park area.

Those of you taking vacations this year to Copperstown New York should definitely plan on going to Sal's pizza. Sal's was a real eye opener for our little group from the Midwest. The owner reminded me a lot of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. While there service at Sal's pizza left something to be desired the pizza was excellent.

I know your vacation time will mostly be spent at the Dreams Park Little League fields cheering on your players but please take the time to tour the local brewery, winery and of don't forget the Baseball Hall of Fame. If you happen to be driving to Cooperstown New York you'll be amazed at the number of other families and teams you meet at the rest stops along the way. It looked pretty much like a little league convoy from Buffalo all the way to Cooperstown.

If your not fortunate enough to be able to take the vacation trip to Cooperstown with your son or daughter, you can catch the action at the local field on their web cam and new online TV site. I know when we took our team all of the Grandparents were back home staring at the computer just waiting for a glimpse of their grand kids.