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Ohio River Vacation Day Trip

This past weekend we took a Day trip to Madison, In. If you’re not familiar with Madison, IN it is located on the southeast corner on Indiana bordered by the Ohio River. We went for the weekend to one of my kid’s school functions and I really hadn't planned on doing any sight seeing. To my surprise we had plenty of free time to spend in the Madison Indiana area.

We started our sight seeing day trip by cruising through the historic downtown of Madison, In. It was amazing to see all the old brick buildings that were restored to their original beauty. The downtown area was chocked full of antique stores, candy stores, restaurants and cafes. We stopped at one nice coffee shop for a mocha during our stroll through downtown. There is a trolley tour you can take but we didn’t notice it until we had exhausted ourselves walking the entire downtown of Madison.

Part of our stroll included stopping at three of the six Indiana wineries located in Madison area. Of course we had to do some tasting and buy a few bottles of wine to take home. I must say I was quite surprised at the quality and types of wines produced in southern Indiana. We plan on going back to visit the three wineries we missed later this summer.

We also spent the evening strolling along a beautifully lit walkway next to the Ohio River. There we sat on the benches, relaxed in the porch swings, and viewed a wonderful sunset. There is a restaurant right on the Ohio River but unfortunately it was closed. My guess is that it won’t open up until the end of May. There was also a state park, Clifty Falls, located just outside of Madison, In , but do to some heavy rains we decided to bypass it this go around. I'll try and get some of the photos of the trip posted here in the next couple of days. If your looking for a short family vacation idea I'd recommend the Madison Indiana area.

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