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Cooperstown, NY | Little League Dreams Park

Many families find it hard to take vacations during the summer do to their kids involvement in little league baseball. Little league families need to think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to taking a vacation. Several years ago when my kids were in little league their team took a trip to Cooperstown, NY to participate in a 96 team tournament at the Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Cooperstown, NY is known primarily for the Baseball Hall Of Fame museum located in downtown Cooperstown. Every baseball fan should take a trip to visit this marvelous museum to see baseball history at its finest. There is a lot more to Cooperstown, NY than just the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Just down the road a ways is what I consider one of the best little league baseball complex I have ever seen.

Cooperstown Dreams Park is a little league complex built to house 96 little league teams during the weekly tournaments held throughout the summer. little league teams from all over the United States gather each year to compete with the hopes of winning their tournament to become eligible for the year end playoffs. Parents if you child has the opportunity to participate in this event, it will be a memory he or she will have forever.

Taking the entire family to watch the week long tournament is a must. During times when your child's little league team isn't playing there are tons of free and inexpensive things to do throughout the Cooperstown, NY area. Our family rented a cottage on a nearby lake and spent our off time enjoying fun in the sun. The scenery is unbelievable our lake was nestled right in the middle of beautiful foothills. We also took an afternoon to enjoy local wineries, and a brewery. There is a train that travels from the Dreams Park into Cooperstown regularly each day for those that want to shop or view downtown.

Finding a place to stay in this are is a bit difficult. With all the families that visit both the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Dreams Park you need to get your reservations in early. There are a few hotels located in the area but not many. Most parents I know rent a house, lake cottage,or stay at a Bed and Breakfast during their stay at Cooperstown. Once you visit the area, especially if you go up for the little league games, you'll want to go back again and again.


Scott said...

We just got back from cooperstown dream park. It was an awsome experience for our boys. We had a great vacation and got to enjoy the mountains and lakes in the area

JayP said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Cooperstown. I know when our family went out with the kids it was a time we'll never forget. The Baseball fields were like nothing we had ever seen before. The mountains, lakes and other sites were just very unexpected bonus for our vacation. Just curious where did you stay if you dont mind saying?

Anonymous said...

The Complex is THE BEST I have ever seen in my 53+ years of watching little league baseball. The only down side is where you stay. I was at the Holiday Inn Express and found the management ignorant. Ammenities that were advertised were not available and the commons area where you get to meet others from around the country were shut down before you returned from the day at the park. We plan to come back and visit the park again as it is well worth the ride. We WILL have to find alternate accomodations. Anyone have suggestions.

B Foy
Chalfont, PA

Mathews Bows said...

We stayed at a lake cottage. If you dont mind not having first class accomodations but want freindly hosts and beautiful lake setting I suggest http://www.honeyade.com/