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Smoky Mountain Vacation | Things To Do

In my previous post I discussed the cabin rental we stayed at during our vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Today's topic will be on the many different things there are to do in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Things to do while at the Smoky Mountains

1. Take an auto tour. There are many different books that have been published over the years that point out all there is to see at the Smoky Mountains from your car. If you don't care to do hiking like my family did this is another great way to see the park and its many different sights. Cades Cove is a popular route to visit by car if you want to see wild life such as deer and bears. We were fortunate to see several bears during our visit to the Smoky Mountains. Statistically, only about 10% of those that visit the Smoky Mountains actually get to see a black bear. Cades Cove is by far the most popular place to sport one.

2. Fishing - With the many miles of mountain streams, fly fishing for trout is a very popular activity. Brook, Brown, and Rainbow trout are numerous and make for great fishing. I will tell you the brook trout in the higher parts of the mountains can be quite a challenge to catch. I was able to get several hours of fly fishing in at various locations throughout the park. A trout stamp is not needed so long as your fishing with in the national park boundaries.

3. Historic Buildings - There are around 80 historic log structures in the park. Several churches, cemeteries, farms, old vacation homes in a wide variety of shapes sizes makes each building site quite unique. Most of these historic buildings can be accesses by road and a short walk.

4. Horseback Riding. While the entire park isn't open to horseback riding there are hundreds of miles of horse trails that are accessible. You can bring your own horse and trailer or rent from one of the many local stables. This was something we wanted to do but just didn't find time to squeeze it into our schedule.

6. Camping- there are many places to go camping throughout the Smoky Mountain National Park but there are very strict regulations that must be followed if you decide to camp in the back country. During our vacation at the part many of these back country camping sites were closed do to aggressive bears. Nothing makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck like hiking down a trail and coming across one of these signs. My understanding is that most of those signs were posted due to mother bears with cubs in the immediate area around the posted signs. If you plan on camping definitely take the time to read all the rules and regulations published on the Great Smoky National Park website.

These are just a few of the many activities that available with in the Smoky Mountain National Park. There are tons of other more commercial entertainment options that can be visited in the surrounding towns. Dolly Wood amusement park is a huge attractions in the Pigeon Forge area. Shows, restaurants, shopping, museums, family miniature golf also abound in the many small towns surrounding the park. If your adventurous white water rafting trips can also be arranged.

Hopefully, This post gives you a good idea of the many different things to do on your family vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Our family enjoyed the trip so much we plan on making several more trips back to the area to do many of the things we didn't have time to do the first go around.


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