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Smoky Mountain Vacation Hotel Or Rental Cabin

During our family vacation at the Smoky Mountains we decided to rent a cabin instead of staying at one of the many hotels in the Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Tennessee area. Before making this decision we did the usual price comparison between the two options and found that for a weeks stay we could rent the cabin for just slightly more than a moderate priced hotel. Let me tell you this was the best thing we ever did.

Taking a family of 5 on vacation and having the convenience of a full kitchen, living room, and several other amenities made it the best choice for us. I can't even imagine what it would have been like staying in a hotel. The cabin allowed us all plenty of space to relax and enjoy our down time without tripping over each other. It kept our food bill much lower as we would go back to the cabin and prepare lunch and dinners instead of going out to eat every night. Have you ever taken a family of 5 out to dinner in a high traffic tourist area, Yikes it gets expensive. We did however enjoy the occasional meal out mainly for convenience after a day of tiring activities. Here are some photos of our family vacation cabin.

Cabin by the creek - looking off our back deck

We were in a semi secluded area - Hot Tub OH BOY!!

Fireplace would be very nice in the late fall or winter

We had a full kitchen and a grill outside

My suggetion is if your heading to the Smoky Mountains for your family vacation, definately get a cabin. It didn't cost that much more and was well worth the expense. If you look online at hotel review's you will find that many in that area of Tennessee get a poor to fair rating. Just another reason to go with a cabin. If your not into staying in a cabin at the Smoky Mountains your might enjoy a vacation on a houseboat. There are many places you could spend your vacation relaxing on a lake with the luxury and comfort of all that houseboats have to offer. Perhaps a Lake Powell Houseboat Rental would be best for your family vacation.


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I've never been here, but after reading your post, I must say that I'd like to go, it looks like a great place to spend your vacation on.