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Smoky Mountains Family Vacation Photos

Family Travel Idea #1 Smoky Mountain National Park

Last summer our family vacation travels took us to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can see in the photo above that the Smoky Mountains stretch across the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. I time at the park was mainly spent on the Tennessee side. The Smoky National Park covers a huge amount of area and has over 800 miles of hiking trails. If you plan on taking a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains I can't stress enough to do plenty of planning before you go. There are so many different things to do and see, without a plan you will spend too much time wandering around aimlessly. We only spent a week there and will have to go back a few more times just to see the things we missed. The bulk of our time was spent hiking the many trails to see the waterfalls, wild life and historical sites within the parks boundaries.

Smoky Mountain Vacation Photo 1

A mountain stream in the Smoky mountains

one of a hundreds of trails in the national park

The Smokies are full of natures oddities (no I didn't mean the fat man in the photo). While I am definitely one of nature's oddities that's not what I meant. :) I'll be posting several more photos and tidbits about our family travels to the Smoky Mountains in the next few days so be sure to check back. I hope you find my family travel ideas beneficial and perhaps a bit informative at times. The biggest thing I can stress about a vacation to the Smoky Mountains is to plan ahead. Visit the Great Smoky National Parks website for maps and sites to see in the area an schedule your days to maximize not only your time but to keep you gas usage to a minimum. You will be doing a lot of driving from place to place if you don't plan your family vacation properly.

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