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Smoky Mountain Family Vacation - Waterfalls

In my previous post about our trip to the Smoky Mountains I mentioned we spent the majority of our time hiking. One of the main attractions to the Smoky Mountain National Park are its many waterfalls. Throughout the entire park there are over 2000 miles of streams and creeks, that have resulted and many beautiful waterfalls. Unfortunately when we took our trip it was late August and in the middle of a state wide drought. The waterfalls we visited had far less water flow than normal but were still quite beautiful. I'm not a professional photographer so many of my photo's didn't turn out as well as expected. I'll do better on my next trip I promise.

One of many Smoky Mountain waterfalls.

Waterfall we saw from the road and hiked back to see.

Most of the hiking we did on our vacation was to view as many of the Smoky Mountain Waterfalls as possible. Some of the most popular waterfalls at the park are:

Abrams Falls
Mingo Falls
Grotto Falls
Mouse Creek Falls
Hen Wallow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Indian Creek Falls
Ramsey Cascades
Juney Whank Falls
Tom Branch Falls
Laurel Falls

During out trip I believe we saw just about all of these. Next vacation I'll make sure and name my photos as soon as I upload them. Looking back through my album its hard to tell which Smoky Mountain Waterfall is which. Several of these are located deep into the park and require quite a bit of hiking. Laurel Falls if I remember right was the shortest hike and by far had the most people visiting it.

In addition to hiking to the falls there are several you can drive to see. These are Meigs Falls, which I believe is the one in the photo above, and Place of a Thousand Drips. Don't think that because we spent our family vacation to the Smoky Mountains hiking, that it is the only way to view the beauty. There are tons of road tours to take that are on maps provided at the park's offices. Definitely take the time to visit the park office and pick up your trail/travel maps on the first day you arrive. That's all the time I have today so post again shortly. Feel free to leave any comments or questions your have as my goal here at Family Vacation Ideas is to provide as much information as possible to aid in your vacation planning.


Sheila Scarborough said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures; that's such a pretty part of the US!

Family Travel Destinations United States said...

Mountain Hiking is a good idea. Its nice to have a family adventure in a nice place like this wherein there are waterfalls.